Cyber and Data Insurance

In recent years, cyber and data attacks have emerged as one of the most significant threats facing organisations of all sizes. The Internet and other IT network operations have created risks that were non-existent less than a decade ago.

When cyber-attacks (such as data breaches and hacks) occur, they can result in devastating damage, such as:

  • Business interruption in the form of revenue loss
  • Legal fees
  • Reputational damage
  • Data Restauration Costs
  • Mandatory Notification Costs

It is important to remember that no organisation is immune to the impact of cyber-crime. As a result, cyber and data insurance has become an essential component to any risk management programme, and will cover your business, should an incident occur.

Cyber and Data insurance explained in 2 minutes

Watch our quick two-minute videographic, which explains in 6 easy steps what is, and why you should consider, Cyber and Data Insurance.

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