We have developed a clear, board led vision and ESG strategy, marked out with clear responsibilities. Our Executive Chairman, Neil Campling, drives this supported by an ESG team from across the group led by Andrew Sugden.  

The ESG team implements our policies, sets actions and reports on where we are against targets.

Together, they ensure that our company and ESG values are aligned under four key pillars:

Our ESG Journey to date


As a family-owned company, we are passionate about investing in today's generation and those to come. Having an ESG plan will help us to ensure that our future is sustainable and has a positive impact on our environment.

Environment Goals

  • Be an advocate of sustainability
  • Minimise our impact on the environment without forgetting our social commitment
  • Aiming for sobriety


Social Goals

  • Enable employees to develop professionally, promote work/life balance
  • Promote equality, diversity, inclusion, health and wellbeing
  • Support charities and stakeholders in our communities

Governance Goals

  • Drive transparency across our business
  • Manage our risks and opportunites
  • Promote the Verlingue values and behaviours



2023 Successes

Our ESG Goals

We recognise that an ESG strategy has to be continuous and ever evolving. Our plans include a clear calendar of events and activities planned for 2024 and beyond:

  • Strive to maintain the Bronze accreditation for EcoVadis
  • Improve our reportable metrics in relation to ESG related matters
  • Support our local communities through volunteering and focused events
  • Drive wellbeing and work/life balance activities to support employees


Our 10 commitments

We need our employees to commit to help us succeed. We ask you to help in our goal by making a simple 10-point commitment in 2024 (and beyond).

If you have the chance to do one small thing today that makes the world a better place, would you do it?

Lots of small actions make a massive difference



At Verlingue we believe that by focusing on ESG today we can
prepare for tomorrow
and generations to come.