In a digital age, media businesses are constantly exploring new frontiers. Navigating an evolving range of risks, from complex contracts to a maze of permissions and licenses can be perilous.

Get it wrong and you can face legal sanction from regulators, authorities and other stakeholders. Our job is to guide you and provide the right protection – both risk management and insurance - so that you can focus on being creative.

Why Verlingue  

We understand your industry and our philosophy is to collaborate with you in a constructive way to manage the risks so that you can make things happen for your clients. To do our job properly we need to allow your vision to flourish, not stunt it.

It is important for us to be an extension of your business. This is why we work with you across your business, taking into account the different needs, be they those of directors, creatives, legal or administration.

Key Features

We take a proactive approach to risk to ensure that you are on the front foot in a dynamic environment. As your world evolves, we consider the emerging risks to ensure you are prepared for what is on the horizon.

Our 360-degree approach means that we will advise you on a broad range of covers including:

Over the last twenty years we’ve worked hand in glove with the team at Verlingue from the sublime to the ridiculous in terms of insurance asks. Whatever we have thrown at them they have managed with optimism, professionalism, and grace. I trust that they always go the extra mile and if it’s possible, they will make it happen.

Anna Murray, Head of Production at Mother


We are delighted to share with you the series of our podcast The Voice of Verlingue specialising in media Insurance.

The World of Influencers

Welcome to the very first episode of the Voice of Verlingue which focusses on the world of social media influencers.

Our media sector experts Maia Olesen and Michael Treasure examine the emerging risks that influencers face and how they can protect themselves and the companies they work with.

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Production Death and Disgrace Insurance - A consideration that must be made

In this episode we welcome Maia and Michael back to our hot-seat, where I ask them about considerations brands need to take when working with their chosen talent. From how the insurance quoting process works to real-life scenarios when the cover comes into play, this one has it all!

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Shooting with Sharks

Part 3 in the Verlingue Media series, ‘Shooting with sharks”. In this episode Maia and Michael talk about how media production companies can protect themselves whilst filming in extreme shooting conditions.

This episode will outline the type of insurance cover that is available and how this has helped the production of some of the most iconic visual advertisements.

You’ll definitely want to give this one a listen.

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Our Specialist Team

Our team has over 35 years of experience working alongside a range of media companies, from advertising agencies to production companies, and associated event, post-production, music, editing, marketing, digital planning and public relations businesses.

You can be confident that the Verlingue team has the knowledge and expertise to match your needs.


Maia Olesen, Media Client Director

Maia has been with Verlingue for 23 years and has specialised in the Media sector since 2001.  She has been a Chartered Insurance Broker since 2016. She heads up the Verlingue Media practice and has strong technical experience dealing with the complexities of mainly advertising production and stage as well as promotional event management insurance for a wide range of organisations within the sector. In addition to being a Media specialist, Maia also manages a range of general corporate accounts and has a wide technical knowledge in all general insurance which will be invaluable for your organisation and your members.



Michael Treasure – Media Client Executive

Michael joined Verlingue 13 years ago and has specialised over the last 10 years in the media sector. In addition to his strong technical skills Michael has extensive experience of managing the complexities of advertising, production and event management for a wide range of organisations in the media sector.  
Michael will be more than happy to put all his expertise at your service.