The Risk Management Team at Verlingue are dedicated to minimising risk and protecting your business. The wealth of knowledge and experience our specialist team possess can help your business achieve its targets, increase profitability, improve your legal position, and mitigate the risk of unexpected fines or reputational damage. We are able to provide both traditional Risk Management solutions, as well as bespoke Enterprise Risk Management audits. 

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Enterprise Risk Management


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We believe that prevention is better than cure.

Our risk management team focuses on:


Benefits of The Verlingue Proposition

The Verlingue proposition goes beyond other traditional Risk Management solutions that are offered elsewhere. Through linking our Enterprise Risk solution to your Insurance review we don’t just focus on the risks that can be transferred but we actively identify all risks that could impact a business including risks that must be retained or those that can be mitigated and we work collaboratively with businesses to reduce the frequency and likely impact of all things risk related. We become part of your internal Risk Management team.

The Verlingue proposition is designed to give our clients a real tangible benefit from their insurance review and is unique in doing so.