Credit insurance

Late payment is a growing problem and corporate failures continue at an alarming rate. Verlingue Trade Credit Insurance solutions provide leverage against bad debts incurred within the business trading cycle and will lead to improving cash flows.

Expert advice

Verlingue have an established Trade Credit Insurance team with experience in a wide range of business sectors.

Flexible Solutions

We will work with you to understand the unique requirements of your business, along with changing industry conditions, to provide a tailor-made solution that will allow growth with confidence.

The Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance

Our team can access a wide range of insurance products, including some that are exclusive to Verlingue, which helps ensure that we offer competitive terms. 

  • Increased Revenue: Your ability to offer better credit terms to your customers by removing the risk to your assets gives you greater opportunity to increase sales, revenue and profit. 
  • Competitive Advantage: Credit Insurance lets you offer more competitive terms, safe in the knowledge that whatever happens your sale will be protected.
  • Continuation of Cash flow:  Your policy will provide cover in the event of payment default, therefore ensuring minimal disruption to your cash flow. 
  • Higher Credit Ratings: Your suppliers will feel more secure in offering credit terms knowing your business is protected against bad debts.
  • Easier Access to Finance:  If you need to obtain trade finance to fund your contracts, simply assign your policy claim payments to your financiers; this will give them assurance that their investment is secure. 
  • Early Warning : Gain access to a network of credit information which can alert you to high risk companies, before you expose your company to unnecessary risk.

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Trade Credit Insurance Explained in 2 Minutes

Watch our two-minute videographic, which explains what Trade Credit Insurance is, and why you should consider it for your business.

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To learn more about our service provision, take a look at our Credit Insurance Brochure.

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