Food delivery insurance can be challenging to place. This is where we can help you through our access to a specialist food delivery insurance scheme that is not readily available in the market.

Why Verlingue

Drivers should not be left to arrange their own cover – this exposes both you and them to liabilities through inappropriate insurance, or worse, none at all.

We will help ensure your legal and moral responsibilities are met and that your business is protected.

Our approach

Our offering is crafted to match your risk profile and meet the needs of your food delivery business.

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What is Food Delivery Insurance?

It is a specialist motor insurance policy that provides specific cover for delivery of food.

Who needs Food Delivery Insurance?

Any business or individual involved with the delivery of food.

Does business insurance cover Food Delivery?

Generally, standard business use under a motor policy will not include use for food delivery. The insurer would need to be advised and accept the specific food delivery use required, which most Insurers will not do.

Is delivering food from restaurants covered?

Under a standard motor policy food delivery would be excluded. Cover can be provided under a specialist food delivery motor policy.

Can I use my own car for Food Delivery?

It is possible to use your own vehicle for delivery as long as you have the appropriate specialist food delivery insurance.

What damage is covered by Food Delivery Insurance?

Cover will vary depending on individual requirements

How much does it cost for Food Delivery Insurance?

As with any motor vehicle insurance there are a number of factors that will determine the cost e.g. type of vehicle used, age profile of drivers.

How do I get insurance cover for food deliveries?

How do I get insurance cover for food deliveries?

You should use a specialist Insurance broker with expertise in this area. Here at Verlingue we have an exclusive scheme for food delivery.

Private Car

Our car insurance, depending on type of cover, will protect you against loss or damage caused to your vehicle resulting from motor accidents, fire and theft. In addition, if you are involved in an accident you are covered for any damage you cause to property of other people or for any injuries they sustain.

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