In recent years, cyber and data attacks have emerged as one of the most significant threats facing organisations of all sizes. To help protect and support businesses against these threats, we have established a specialist team with a passion and a comprehensive understanding of cyber risk.

Why Verlingue

Pro-active risk management is essential to creating cyber risk solutions and a bespoke risk transfer programme. 

Our cyber team will support you in the journey to arranging suitable cyber insurance protection. This starts from initial discussions to Security and Control reviews, to highlighting insurance market trends and ‘Hot Topics’ with the final goal of market placement.

Risk management is at the forefront of Verlingue’s approach to insurance solutions and our specialist cyber team can provide advice and support in order to create the best solutions for you.

Our Approach

The incidence and cost of Ransomware, Denial of Service and Fraud incidents continue to rise.  (source Sophos Cybersecurity Ltd. )The methods used are continually changing, which means businesses are facing new and evolving risks which require specialist expertise and advice.

No two businesses are the same, each has its own specific challenges and exposures. This is why we believe in working with you collaboratively as your insurance and risk management partner. Becoming an extension of your team is key to understanding your business, its IT infrastructure and the potential threats that it faces.

Our relationship led approach helps identify the risks you face to design bespoke solutions which allows us to address any exposures as the threats become more sophisticated.

Key Features

No organisation is immune to the impact of cyber-attacks. As a result, cyber and data protection insurance has become an essential component to any insurance programme and will mitigate the costs your business would suffer from a cyber incident.

In order to obtain this insurance, businesses require high levels of security and insurers need to understand your IT Infrastructure in full. Verlingue can support you through this process in a number of ways. Examples are as follows;

Our Specialist Team

To contact us about your needs please get in touch with David Cobb, Andrew Cassell or Gayle Bennouir.


David Cobb 
Chartered Insurance Risk Manager- Technical Director



Andrew Cassell
Risk Management Executive

Gayle Bennouir
Risk Management Director