Our Commitment to You

It is always our intention to provide you with the highest quality service. However, we appreciate that occasionally things can go wrong, the details below set out who to send your complaint to and how this will be handled:-

Who to Complain To

Please address your complaint, and any subsequent queries you may have in connection with the complaint, to the Head of Compliance:

How Your Complaint Will Be Dealt With

1. We aim to resolve your concerns, wherever possible, within three working days. If this is not possible, we will acknowledge your complaint in writing no later than 5 working days after receipt. We will then deal with your complaint promptly and will keep you informed of the progress of our investigation and the measures being taken to resolve your complaint.

2. If we are unable to issue a final response within eight weeks of receipt of your complaint we will write to you and explain why we have been unable to conclude your complaint and confirm when we expect to be able to provide a final response. You are welcome to contact us at any time to check the status of our investigation. We will also advise you of your right to refer the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if you are dissatisfied with the delay, or if you are dissatisfied with the final response you have received, at whichever stage of the process it is issued to you.

3. If you are an eligible complainant for the purposes of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), we will also inform you that you may at this stage refer the complaint to the FOS if you are dissatisfied with the delay and we will provide you with a copy of the FOS’s explanatory leaflet.

The FCA defines an eligible complainant as a customer or potential customer which, at the time the complaint is received, is one of the following:A private individual; or

  • A commercial customer with a turnover of less than £6.5 million (or its equivalent in any other currency) and which either (a) employs fewer than 50 persons, or (b) has a balance sheet total of less than £5 million (or its equivalent in any other currency); or
  • A charity with an annual income of less than £6.5m; or
  • A trustee of a trust that had a net asset value of less than £5m.


4. In addition from 01st April 2019 the FOS can consider complaints from small business that have

  • An annual turnover of less than £6.5million (or its equivalent in any other currency);
  • And either A balance sheet total of less than £5million (or its equivalent in any other currency);
  • or Fewer than 50 employees

5. FOS sets time limits for consumers to refer complaints to them and they will not consider a compliant unless the firm has been given an opportunity to resolve it and at least eight weeks have elapsed from the date the complaint was made. A complaint must then be referred to FOS within:-

  • Six months from the business sending the consumer a final response (which has to mention the six-month time limit); and
  • Six years from the event the consumer is complaining about (or, if later, three years from when the consumer knew, or could reasonably have known, they had cause to complain).

6. The Financial Ombudsman Service contact details are:

7. If your policy is insured in the Lloyd’s market, you are entitled to refer your complaint to Lloyd’s who will conduct a full investigation and provide you with a written final response, if you are not satisfied with our response or if you have not heard from us within 2 weeks.

8. If you are not happy with the response you get from Lloyd’s, you may be entitled to refer the matter to the FOS. Lloyd’s will send you a FOS leaflet with further information at the appropriate time.