27 September 2021

Petrol suppliers have been forced to restrict fuel deliveries to their UK petrol stations, over a rapidly worsening HGV driver shortage. Suppliers have been quick to reassure the public, that there is plenty of fuel in the supply chain, they just don’t have the drivers to transport it to the forecourts. This has led to the closure of a small number of petrol stations across the UK, and large queues forming at many more, particularly in London and the South East. This is the result of a nationwide shortage, of 100,000 HGV drivers.

Why are we seeing shortages of HGV drivers? 

Brexit and HGV drivers returning to Europe, is said to be responsible for the loss of 20,000 drivers. With Covid and a lack of driver training, a back log on tests, and a lack of younger people training to be drivers, due to unattractive salaries and working conditions, all further impacting the situation. There have been calls for the government to intervene in this worsening crisis. As in recent weeks, we have seen no chicken at Nandos, no Milkshakes in McDonalds and a lack of mattresses in Ikea. If no assistance is forthcoming, who will be impacted next week?

How can you better manage your supply chain 

No matter what action is taken, the HGV driver issue is not going to be resolved overnight. If action is taken now, it will be well into the spring before we see things settling down. So how can the Verlingue team help you with your possible supply chain issues? 

The Risk Management Team can assist you in reviewing your supply chain, to identify possible areas of risks such as sole suppliers, suppliers in financial difficulty, the emergence of poor-quality products and supplier’s inability to fulfil their contracts. Not only can the Enterprise Risk Managment team assist you with this process, but the Credit Insurance team may also be able to help, providing protection against the risk of not being paid for goods or services sold.

How we can help

If you would like any further information, or assistance, regarding supply chains issues & staff retention please contact a member of the Verlingue team, who are here to support you.

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