18 February 2022



In January we were delighted to announce Joanna Vickers, Deputy Client Services Manager at Verlingue had taken on the role as BIBA Young Broker Ambassador. We have caught up with her to talk about her career so far and the new role.

How did you first get into the insurance industry?

  • I started in the insurance industry as soon as I left college and began working for a small broker dealing with the niche areas of vintage tractor and classic cars. You would be surprised by the number of vintage tractors needing insurance cover! I then moved onto another broker dealing with tradesman and SME business where I started to learn more about the different areas of the insurance market. Following this, I moved from Hampshire to Manchester in 2018 and joined Verlingue, it is here where I have expanded my insurance knowledge further by dealing with a variety of corporate and multinational clients.


What is your greatest achievement in your career so far?

  • I am excited and proud to have the opportunity to be the BIBA young broker ambassador for Greater Manchester, and look forward to working closely alongside Dan Lloyd-John as the BIBA chair for the area. Aside from taking on the new role, I am proud of how I far I have come with Verlingue since joining, especially in the way I have been able to help train and guide newer members of the team during the pandemic at a time when we were working primarily at home. It is so nice to see people flourish in their careers and develop their confidence. Knowing that you have played a role in their progression is the best bit.


What advice would you give to a young person thinking of a career in insurance broking?

  • My advice would be to stay openminded as insurance broking can vary so widely and there are many interesting topics which you can focus on throughout your career. One of the best things is that everyone in the market is supportive and willing to help with any questions anyone has.


What are you hoping to achieve in your new role as BIBA ambassador?

  • Now that the world is starting to open up again, I am hoping to start bringing back more in person learning and social sessions throughout the year. Along with this we will ensure the sessions are also available to people online so that no one is missing out. In addition to this, I am hoping that we can reach out to more schools and colleges in the Manchester area to inspire the next generation of insurance brokers.


How do you see your career developing?

  • I would like to continue to train and develop the current people in my team and see them flourish and grow in their careers whilst I do the same in mine. I really enjoy the corporate insurance market and that no two businesses are the same so I can see myself continuing to develop within this market. In the future I would love to take on a senior management role within the company to continue to help shape the business in years to come.


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