Can insurance ever be interesting? – Well, we’re doing our best! Join our expert teams as they examine key industry sectors to highlight new trends and topics to keep your business safe and ahead of the game.

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Unearthing Diamond Treasures

A journey through valuables, valuations and protecting your precious gems... Join our Private Client experts and guest speaker from Lyon & Turnball as they look into the history of diamonds and the importance of valuations.


Claiming the Future - A Year In Review

A review of the common occurrences in claims during 2023 and a look into what we expect to be prevalent in 2024. Hot topics on the horizon include the impact of fraud, cyber, and AI.



A Slip, Trip & Fall into Defensibility

Observations and insights into slip, trip & fall accidents - how to reduce the risk and improve your chances of defending claims to help keep a lid on your next premium.



Shooting With Sharks

Part 3 in the Verlingue Media series. In this episode our media specialists talk about how media production companies can protect themselves whilst filming in extreme shooting conditions.



Death and Disgrace Insurance

Part 2 in the Verlingue media series. Listen to our media specialists talk about considerations brands need to take when working with their chosen talent. 



The World of Influencers

Part 1 in the Verlingue media series. Our media experts examine the emerging risks that influencers face and how they can protect themselves and the companies they work with.