6 December 2019

Indeed, winter disasters such as a burst water pipe from freezing temperatures or an employee injury from slippery car park conditions could result in devastating company consequences—including business interruption, lowered productivity levels and the potential for costly liability concerns. 

However, there are variety of risk management methods that your organisation can implement to help keep both your property and your staff safe in the midst of dangerous winter weather conditions: 

  • Indoor measures - Taking a closer look inside your property, be sure to maintain an adequate level of heating to prevent frozen or burst pipes (minimum 4C), ensure adequate building insulation, check that stopcocks are in working order, store temperature-sensitive materials safely and establish an effective weather-related emergency response plan.
  • Outdoor measures - Beyond your property’s doors, plan for safe methods of snow and ice removal (eg de-icing and gritting) from your property’s roof and car park. In addition, conduct annual inspections and maintenance to ensure roofs, gutters, pipes and drains are in good condition and free from blockages.
  • Insurance solutions - Above all, it’s vital to purchase robust cover for your organisation to ensure ultimate peace of mind against winter weather disasters. Key insurance solutions include business property and contents cover, public liability cover and employers’ liability cover. For more information, contact Verlingue today.

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