31 March 2022

We are now seeing signs that the pandemic is coming to an end, and ‘normality’ slowly returning.

Yet, the fallout from the pandemic is set to be felt even more intensely with the withdrawal of Government support. We are already seeing the impact; the monthly insolvency statistics for the month of February 2022 show that number of registered company insolvencies in England and Wales was more than double the number registered in the same month in the previous year.

Together with social and economic pressures such as the impact of Brexit, rising interest rates, the developing energy crisis, the growing price of materials, surging labour costs as well as Western tensions with Russia create some tough and quite uncertain trading times ahead.

All these factors contribute to an unstable outlook for business reliant on a robust and dependable supply chain. As a business, could you afford a customer falling into insolvency and failing to make good on payment - taking £50k off your bottom line?

Budgets are tight so a number of losses like this a year can make a considerable impact on the health of a business. 

However, the current landscape presents ambitious businesses with an amazing opportunity to take full advantage.

If you successfully manage the risk you can grow with confidence – knowing the health of a business will give you the reassurance to trade, forge new supplier relationships and have the confidence to expand into new markets.

Points we will cover in the webinar 

  • Explain how the post-pandemic climate is negatively impacting the global supply chain.
  • With case studies, clarify how insolvencies can impact the viability of your business.
  • Learn how Trade Credit Insurance works and understand what the benefits are to your business.
  • At the end session we will host a Q&A, every business has a unique supply chain and challenges – this is your chance to ask our team any questions.  


Speaker: Umberto Oliva - Director Trade Credit
Date: Tuesday 24th May 
Time: 11am - 11.45am
Platform: Zoom Webinar

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