Complex and sophisticated global risks require specialist understanding, experience and international reach. At Verlingue we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver the strategic advice and support you need to manage your insurance programme on a global and local basis.

We will navigate you through the operational and strategic risk environment to ensure your business is prepared for the risks you face today and those on the horizon tomorrow.

When discussing risk with you, we will always take a business enabling approach rather than restricting you from doing what you do best.

Why Verlingue 

As a founding member of the World Broker Network (WBN) we have been at the forefront of the drive to deliver an efficient and effective service to businesses that need international solutions. Through our network of over 100 independent brokers, we can look after your insurance requirements around the world.

The risk managed practice has the breadth and capabilities to work across a broad range of sectors and industries. We act as your insurance and risk team, collaborating with you and your colleagues to provide an agile and responsive service.

Our approach

We have a thorough understanding of insurance and risk management. You can be confident that we understand how important it is to get the basics right, from premium and tax allocations to ensuring that your local offices are compliant with local risk and insurance legislation.  


Global reach

As a founding member of World Broker Network (WBN), we can provide local ‘on the ground’ expertise, whilst managing your global programme from the UK.  

Placing the master policy is only the start. We also:

Risk Management

We believe that prevention is better than cure. Our risk management team focuses on:

Risk Transfer &
Captive Advisory

By working with you to understand your risk appetite, we can provide guidance to your board based on where premium savings and enhanced coverage can be achieved via risk transfer, the composite market or self-insurance based on the market cycle:


Claims Management

We understand that when it comes to risk, it’s not just about the insurer paying the claim, but how to engage your internal stakeholders to avoid the claim in the first instance. This will include


Mergers and Acquisitions

As your business grows, we can provide insight and advice:


Refinancing Agreements 

We understand that when refinancing, the usual insurance wordings and rules often no longer apply - non-standard clauses become business standard and will need to be agreed by every insurer on your programme. We can:


Strategic Reviews 

We believe in long-term partnerships including a strategic review of your risk and insurance programme every five years. To ensure that it is fit for purpose in a fast-paced business environment we will: 


Our Specialist Team

Richard Bevins, Head of Risk Managed Practice

As our Head of Risk Managed practice, Richard has 25years of experience working with larger Corporate organisations, helping them to identify and manage risk and implementing solutions designed to deliver high level strategic objectives.