Risk Management

From time to time all businesses will experience difficulties. Things just go wrong, sometimes with disastrous consequences. Verlingue have a Risk Management Team, who are dedicated to trying to minimise risk and protect your business from the impact of such consequences.

Expert advice

The expertise of our very knowledgeable Risk Management team will keep you legally watertight and avoid the risk of unexpected fines or reputational damage. We can work with you to identify risks and reduce these to an acceptable level.

Insurance Benefits

Working with us to mitigate your risks is just one step towards reducing your insurance premiums. Insurers will look for customers with good health & safety records and will welcome evidence of a compliant and risk-conscious business.

Our Services

Our award winning risk management service includes:

  • Programme Structure and Design
  • Health and Safety
  • Property Loss Control
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • Motor Fleet Risk Management
  • Risk Management Training Courses / Seminars
  • Accompanied Insurers Surveys
  • Technical Library
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