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Here are some helpful documents to assist you in reporting an employers liability claim.

Employers Liability Claim Form 

Witness Questionnaires


Wages Declaration

Documentation & Guidance

This page will assist you in progressing your claim and offer general advice and guidance relating to employer’s liability claims.


  1. Claim Form - Please complete this with as much information as possible before memories fade – this will speed up the handling of your claim.
  2. Record what happened - Please record only (1) what you yourself actually saw or (2) what you have been told by the injured person or a witness, stating who told you and when. 
  3. Check the Employee’s Account - For example, if you found no evidence of a spillage when checking the area after being told of the accident, please state this clearly and state the date and time that you checked.
  4. Do not express opinions – Stick to the facts of the accident at this stage.
  5. Witnesses – Please forward the details of anyone who actually saw the incident. . Where no witnesses are identified, please give the details of anyone else in the vicinity at the time.
  6. Photos or Videos – If you can, please forward any photos or videos of the scene immediately after the incident happened.
  7. Process Documents/Risk Assessment – Please look to get these documents together for the work being carried out at the time of the accident as soon as you can  
  8. Wages Details – These details will be needed as soon as possible for the injured person
  9. Any Questions - If you are in doubt about anything, please give your Verlingue Claims Team a call.

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